Cops "Murder" Friends Family-FBI Investigates FL Sheriff's MANY "Justified Homicides" Eyewitness Accounts Point To Massive Cover Up Scandal

Ferguson you say? Ferguson?

Try South Florida where cops have been on a killing spree for several years. NONE of the many victims [unarmed/mentally-handicapped/minorities] have received ANY justice since the cozy relationship the top cops have with several of the County State Attorney Offices [in South Florida] have not indicted a cop for homicide in 30+ years!!!

Eyewitness accounts over and over paint completely different pictures of what REALLY happened when these cops shoot their unarmed, non-violent victims..

Eyewitness to his friends killing, Kevin Mullan puts it plain and simple. "M-U-R-D-E-R!" by 3 Palm Beach County cops [they call themselves sheriffs deputies] who were literally on top of his friend Victor Arango's back. Victor was sprawled out on his belly, on the ground with 2 cops on top of him - when the third cop, Michael Suszczynski, kneeled down on Mullan's friend's back and pumped bullets from the PBSO-issued Glock into Victor Arango's torso point blank and killed Victor, the father of little girl, instantly! Mullan watched in horror from just 15 away.

These rogue cops in South Florida have been caught lying countless times and yet their crimes have been covered up by corrupt internal affairs departments and over and over again their lies have been exposed by decent men, attorneys like former FBI agent Stuart Kaplan who exposed Ric Bradshaw's Palm Beach Sheriff's Office for what it is - a den of corruption and lies. A department that is literally rotting from the head - just as the ol Italian saying goes.

Powerhouse Palm Beach attorney, Jack Scarola, a former prosecutor himself, has joined in the battle against Bradshaw's rogue agency. Scarola's client was gunned down by deputy Adams Lin who flat out lied about the shooting event. No worries - the corrupt internal affairs and equally corrupt State Attorney Office agreed it was just another "justifed homicide" in Palm Beach County.

But it's not just Palm Beach County. It's most of South Florida. The system is broken and needs to be fixed. Things are changing and change and it's consequences could finally be coming.

Sun Tzu said, The wheels of justice grind slowly but grind fine."

Finally those wheels appear to be moving. The FBI is now investigating Ric Bradshaw's Palm Beach Sheriff's Office. For the thousands of lives impacted by the deaths and tragedies that reckless behavior by untrained, unqualified, in some cases uncertified, rogue deputies and scores of other corrupt government officials have caused there is no amount of money that can ever undo the tremendous havoc they have wreaked upon so many.

The calls for justice are loud and have been steadily growing. Long overdue justice may be on the horizon as victims impacted by these tragedies wisely join forces. Yet justice cannot come swiftly enough for the heartbroken friends and family members whose lives have been shattered and permanently altered in a matter of seconds by men with cold hearts of stone. Men like Ric Bradshaw who even mock the only venue of justice the victims have - their attorneys.

Instead of trying to understand why his "shoot first - ask questions later" men kill more people per capita than any other county in Florida the petulant Ric Bradshaw offers up a concoction of lies to protect his rogue deputies every misstep. For the swaggering Bradshaw he cannot make any mistakes.

When judges told Bradshaw that his office's actions of hiding information in a lawsuit from the plaintiff's counsel, in yet another shooting victim lawsuit, amounted to a "fraud upon the court", he simply discounted that as the judges poor choice of words.

When Ric Bradshaw's secretary's son, Joshua McGehee, a rookie deputy, tried to execute his mentally handicapped neighbor, Aldo Alvarez, that was not a problem either. Nor was the fact that Bradshaw exempted Joshua McGehee from standard pre-employment psych evaluations simply because Joshua McGehee was Ric Bradshaw's secretary's son. Never mind that additional fact that Bradshaw also approved full tuition payment for his secretary's son. Apparently Ric Bradshaw thinks Palm Beach County taxpayers have tons of dough and there's nobody to whom Bradshaw is accountable for even a single penny! Bradshaw says no one is above the law, but like in so many other things we've caught him saying and doing what Ric Bradshaw says is very often in stark contrast of the way he actually performs.

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