Girls Plan To End It All Is Thwarted

A local firefighter risked his life to save a young woman after she almost jumps to her death.

Programing Note: This was originally reported as Albania, it has since been changed to Russia.

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female background voice: Farida.... please.. Don't be stupid! Get off the ledge!

Reporter: Stavropole, for almost 40 minutes, 16 year old Farida has been holding her relatives and friends under huge pressure. Everybody is trying to help but nobody knows exactly how. Prior to this day she was arguing with her father and now she's trying to end her life and it doesn't seem like just bunch of threats because she's standing up on the balcony ledge of a 12 story building.

female background voice: Farida, think about your relatives... come on down... don't do such stupid things.

reporter: However, the more they negotiate, the more unpredictable Farida becomes. At any second, she can slip off the ledge.

female: Farida, please, don't jump, I'm begging you!

Reporter: At the last second, something stops the teen from jumping and that's when firefighters decide to act fast. All this time, they were crawling to her slowly so that she wouldn't be able to hear them.

Everything ends well as they didn't let her make that deadly jump. She'll now have to explain her actions in a hospital.