Muslim Police Chief Refuses Pledge Of Allegiance, Fellow Officer Takes Action

With the Obama administration increasing the number of Muslim migrants into the U.S. comes the Islamization of the West — an intentional, gradual overthrow of democracy and freedom by using that same democracy and freedom that’s afforded to them.

Ironically, Muslims flock to Western countries and demand the laws be changed to implement Islamic laws that are already in place in their own nations. So, why do they feel the need to create yet another Muslim country when they already have over 90 across the globe?

Because their allegiance to Islam requires them to hold nothing above it, not only are Muslims compelled by Muhammad to force every nation to submit to Islamic law, they find themselves unable to commit their lives to serving an un-Islamic country, even if they are born there.

This brings us to Miami Police College, where a veteran of the agency is under fire for what she chose to do during the pledge of allegiance.

Fraternal Order of Police President Javier Ortiz was livid after he witnessed assistant chief of police Anita Najiy disrespecting the American flag as she refused to put her hand over her heart during the pledge of allegiance.

“If you’re not pledging allegiance to the United States, my question is what country are you pledging allegiance to?” Ortiz told the “Anyone who isn’t offended by that is not American, because when you become a U.S. citizen, you pledge allegiance to the .US.”

Ortiz claims that Najiy failed to display the proper courtesy and etiquette that “must be exercised when wearing a law enforcement uniform.”

Outraged by Najiy’s action, Ortiz sent a letter to Chief Rodolfo Llanes suggesting appropriate discipline, including her removal from a commander position. He adds that he believes Najiy’s behavior might be because of her religious affiliation, which he believes is Islam.

While Ortiz says that he doesn’t care what her beliefs are, he is upset at her behavior.

“The flag is a symbol of our country,” Ortiz continued. “What is the difference if I decide to light a U.S. flag on fire in a police uniform?” he said, stating that any form of disrespect towards the flag while in uniform should not be tolerated.

According to the department’s code of conduct, reprimand is in order for officers who do not salute the flag. A spokesperson for the Miami Police Department has assured that the matter is “currently under review.”

Police officers are not swearing allegiance to our government, officials, or even a political ideology, but the country itself. They are promising to honor our nation by defending her people, regardless of their political or religious affiliation.

In fact, Najiy has taken an to “protect the lives, defend civil liberties, secure the safety of fellow citizens, and they endure such risks and tolerate such inconveniences on behalf of strangers.” Just as they are reprimanded for disrespecting the badge, which is a symbol of the force, Najiy faces punishment for disrespecting the symbol of the country she has sworn to defend.

So, why can’t Najiy swear allegiance to the country that affords her freedom of speech and worship? Because she has already sworn allegiance to Allah, who commands that his followers are to be an enemy of all unbelievers, especially as a nation.

Not only is a Muslim commanded to never take non-Muslims as friends, they are to How can one pledge allegiance with a nation with which they are commanded to make war?

While it’s still under speculation that Najiy is actually a Muslim, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if this was the reason for her lack of enthusiasm for the symbol of our nation for which so many patriots gave life and limb to defend.

If this is the case with Najiy, who is an assistant chief of police, would you really feel that she has non-Muslims’ and patriots’ best interests at heart during her service?