Drone Controllers executing Hellfire strike simulation!

We have all seen the UAV drone videos, but you never get to see who is behind the control and what is going on. All of it is controlled from Nevada.

In this simulation they demonstrate their ability to control dozens of these units at the same time.

The video looks almost all real except for the explosion at the end, I always though the military video simulation looked pretty weak compared to modern PC games but this one looks good.

For non-pilots, these controllers are in NV are each flying a drone thousands of miles away in the combat zone.

Their left hand is on the throttle controlling the drone's engine. Note all the buttons which perform various tasks without removing the hand from the throttle.

The right hand is flying the plane.

'Missiles fired from Nevada controlled drone aircraft kill Taliban leader'

Watch how it's done.

Imagine when they have a whole warehouse filled with soldiers in front of their screens and each them controls a dozen UAV's, warbots, etc..
Unless the Taliban figure out how to detonate IED's in Nevada at the military base.

This is the future and I for one welcome our robot overlords!!
- video encodings still in process -