Santorum: Eradicate the Muslims

Kurt Nimmo

January 11, 2012 22H00

On Sunday, Ron Paul’s campaign announced it will not contest Florida and will concentrate instead on South Carolina and Nevada.

“It’s such an expensive state, and with their delegates cut in half,
the math just doesn’t make any sense,” said Paul’s campaign spokesman
“We’re a delegate-focused campaign. We’re focused on winning the 1,150
delegates to secure the nomination. And the amount of resources and time
it would take to compete for those 50 delegates just didn’t make sense
to us.”

Rick Santorum, more than any other GOP candidate, has exploited the of the Christian Zionists toward Islam.

While the establishment media has hounded Ron Paul over the red
herring of supposedly racist newsletters attributed to him, it has all
but ignored Santorum’s hate tinged diatribes directed against Islam.
“In 2007, a few months after Santorum was ousted from the Senate in a
landslide defeat, he accepted an invitation from right-wing provocateur
David Horowitz,” writes, who is no friend of Ron Paul and the liberty movement.
During the event, Santorum said European Muslims will soon create
“Eurabia” and displace European culture. The “Shia brand of Islamic
Islam” (sic) wants to “bring back the Mahdi,” Santorum said. “And do you
know when the Mahdi returns? At the Apocalypse at the end of the world.
You see, they are not interested in conquering the world; they are
interested in destroying the world.”
In order to win the contrived war against Islam, Santorum said we “must educate, engage, evangelize and eradicate.” (Emphasis added.)

“Americans need to ask themselves if they want a president, or even a
presidential candidate who’s talked dead-seriously about engaging in a
holy war with an entire religion consisting of hundreds of millions of
adherents,” writes blogger
“Is this really what they want? Endless war against Islam? And for
what? Republicans who like what they’re hearing from Santorum these days
because he’s a family values guy should think whether these are the
sort of family values they want their president to espouse.”
It may not be the sort of president Americans want. However, it will
be the kind they will get if they elect anybody but Ron Paul in
Mitt Romney is not as outwardly demented as Rick Santorum appears to
be, but we should keep in mind that he is a chameleon who follows the
globalist script – and the and plan to realize order out of “color revolution” chaos in the Arab and Muslim world.

Romney, along with Santorum, Gingrich, Perry and the recently dropped
out Bachmann – the entire GOP candidate field with the exception of Ron
Paul – have called for over the supposed threat of its fantasy nuclear weapons pose to Israel and the United States.
Santorum and especially Gingrich are increasingly unpalatable and will eventually be weeded out by the primary process.

Romney, however, whom the corporate media portrays as homogenous as
white bread, will be pushed to the forefront. He will stand behind the
ruling elite’s agenda of destroying the United States economically and
continuing endless wars against invented enemies in the Middle East and
Only Ron Paul opposes that agenda.


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