FBI gets protest at Hoover builidng over raids on activist homes and grand jury

On the 24th of September, antiwar and other progressive activists
protested in front of the FBI's headquarters against raids on activist
homes and grand juries, demanding nothing less than a complete end to
house raids and grand juries targetting peaceful protests.

Protesters called out the FBI for the return to most of the illegal
COOINTELPRO practices that were banned after the 1976 Church Committee
report on illegal domestic spying during the Nixon years.

The Summer 2010 raids on antiwar activists in the Midwest have not been
forgotten. Neither has the courage of every single person subpeonaed to
the grand jury in the related case, not one of whom would testify. The
witch-hunt is essentially dead in the water due to their courage, but
the FBI still refuses to close the case.

The more recent Seattle grand jury, the courage of Matt Duran sitting in
jail for refusng to snitch, and the blizzard of punishing retaliatory
strikes against corporate America and law enforcement may be more on
people's minds at this point. Still, the 2010 raids and resulting
witch-hunt aimed originally at activists who had visited Palestine has
not been forgotten. It's time for the FBI to abandon this witch-hunt!