ANNA News: Aleppo, Sharia court: Lice in beards are sacred and must not be destroyed!

[Google translated]

Sharia Court of the city of Aleppo has issued a new fatwa according to which lice living in the jihadist, the beards are sacred and must not be destroyed, as they appear because the jihadists do not always have a sufficient supply of water. The water, which they have used for ablutions before prayer, after which there is a moist environment that is conducive to the spread of head lice.

The Syariah Court advises jihadists to dye their beards with henna, "as it was done by our Prophet Muhammad (may the sacred name it!) to relieve itching. You must leave these lice, as they do not appear on your blessed the beards, if these creatures were not of those who created the God of Muslims and Orthodox. "

For violating the Decree, which took several sheikhs of Aleppo, the prescribed penalty 50 blows with sticks and other punishments, legalized by the Shariah. (see photo of the Decree)



Example photo showing a beard: