Hispanic Students Knock US Flag to the Ground

MORGAN HILL (KRON) -- Racial tensions are high on the campus of Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill a day after five students were sent home for wearing clothing with American flags to school on Cinco de Mayo.

Several dozen Latino students walked out of class Thursday. Shouting "We Want Respect", the students marched to a nearby park where they held a rally.

Along the way, KRON 4's Rob Fladeboe witnessed a dispute with a group of students waving an American flag out the window of a pickup truck. One of the marchers grabbed the flag and hurled it to the ground. What followed was an angry confrontation in which both groups of students shouted obscentities at each other.

No one was arrested and there are no reports of injuries.

Thursday's activities follow word from the Morgan Hill Unified School District that the students who were sent home on Cinco De Mayo will not be disciplined.