Fly be freeeeeeeeee :)

Just sharing a quicky vid releasing a racing pigeon I came across at work.

It had tags that I was able to look up on he information highway and after a little research found that this bird was released in a 500 mile race from somewhere in Ohio with a return destination in Massachusetts. .This guy ran out of gas in the Haddam/Killingworth area of Connecticut and set down, so we fed ,watered and rested him up for a second shot at making it home ahead of some expected foul weather. Even though evil Dan from the forums said I should just eat him. he's a savage britsh bastard he is, just ask Bran.

and I got poo on my finger :/


By: zero-g (1930.62)

Tags: yoursay, liveleakers, squab, hello bran, and evil dan you cheeky bastard, poofinger

Location: Killingworth, United States

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