9 ISIS / ISIL members and supporters arrested in FYROM (macedonia) + stash of weapons

In Macedonia, completed a large anti-terrorist campaign of the Ministry of the Interior against members of the terrorist organization Islamic state. In addition to the terrorists targeted by the police are the people involved in the recruitment of Macedonian citizens to participate in Islamist paramilitaries.

Police also found big amount and cache / stash of weapons and bombs.


Nine persons were suspected and arrested for organizing and recruiting paramilitaries for the Middle East in today's police action.

As reported by Radio Deutsche Welle in Macedonian language, this morning they searched and raid Tutunsez mosque in Skopje, internet cafe "Fast Net" and premises of two NGOs.

Except in Skopje, police raided facilities in Gostivar, Struga, Tetovo and Kumanovo.

According to the minister, more than two dozen suspects are probably located on the battlefields in Syria.

In the police action had been arrested Imam Rexhep Memishi in Skopje, according to evidence from the possession of the police he is considered one of the ideologues of organizing and recruiting individuals to go to a paramilitary group in crisis countries.


According to unofficial information, the seat of the "Islamic state" in Skopje is mosque Tutunsuz.

The largest part of those arrested were Macedonian citizens, but there are also citizens of other countries.

Court to decide on the measures that will be taken against them.


Police concluded that they manage to return back in state from Syria, by mixing with refugees.

Macedonia has recently adopted a law penalizing participation of Macedonian citizens and foreign wars.

The experts of "Radio Free Europe" two months ago warned that in Macedonia there is a trend that women join the Islamic State.

They have warned for months that the persons who are going to Iraq and Syria to fight on the side of isis / isil posed a threat to the country when they return after the battlefields receive training to carry out terrorist acts.