The IRA, what Sinn Fein would rather the world didn't know

Sinn Fein IRA are today lauded by many around the world as peace makers and statesmen but one should never forget the many innocents who died at their hands. Of the 3500 killed the IRA were responsible for 2500 and in fact they succeeded in killing more Catholics than did the security forces and Loyalist paramilitaries combined.

Militarily the IRA were defeated but the British government was still implicit in negotiating a settlement with them thus leaving the ordinary people in Northern Ireland to pick up the pieces and learn to live with terrorists in government.

Since the 1994 cease fire the IRA have continued to murder, 39 people in fact. Today they have largely abandoned their terror campaign but now seek to destroy Northern Ireland from within. They are guilty of fraud, intimidation, extortion, robbery and blatant sectarianism. Men like Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness who command the IRA have no place in any democratic society. Like Nazis they create the problem and then seek to be part of the solution. Northern Ireland's people deserve better, and Irish people the world over don't deserve to be tarnished and blackened by the actions of a few. Murder is wrong and can never be justified, its victims can never be forgotten.