ISIS retreats after sustaining heavy losses in Deir Ezzor

For the 5th day in a row inside the Deir Ezzor Governorate’s northwestern countryside, the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham” (ISIS) launched a massive assault on the Al-Baghayliyah District in order to seize the Al-Rawad Hill, Al-Jazeera University, and Firat Al-Sham Hotel from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near the western bank of the Euphrates River.

The terrorist group began their assault on the Al-Rawad Hill (Tal Al-Rawad) in the Al-Baghayliyah District, where they were confronted by a large force of Syrian Arab Army soldiers from the 104th Airborne Brigade of the Republican Guard and the 137th Artillery Brigade of the 17th Reserve Division.

Following their preliminary assault on Al-Rawad Hill, two other ISIS contingents stormed Al-Jazeera University and the Firat Al-Sham Hotel; however, their assault was cut short, thanks in large part to the strategic airstrikes conducting by the Russian and Syrian air forces that were patrolling the area and picking off the terrorists.

According to a military source from the 104th Airborne Brigade, the ISIS forces that attacked the Al-Baghayliyah District’s southern sector on Wednesday had suffered significantly high casualties as a result of their failed bid to advance into Deir Ezzor city’s northern perimeter.

The source added that the terrorist group withdrew from the aforementioned sites after a 8 hour battle on Wednesday – they are expected to attack once again in the coming hours.
Meanwhile, in western Deir Ezzor, ISIS launched another attack on the 137th Brigade’s headquarters from the Damascus-Baghdad International Highway, but this assault was repelled before it could produce any significant gains.

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