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The Albanian Churchs In Kosova Transformed About the Serbs

The Churchs Of Kosova In Decan and Peja are Albanian.
See the Evidenc in this Video and Juge them You self.
In the 536 the King of Romacobyzantin Empire whas Justian 1 The King Whas Born In Dardania Kosova Near Naissus he whas Illyrian from Dardania.
The Dardanians Whas Multicultural Peopel with diferent religion like Albanians Today they build the Catholics Churchs and Byzantins in the same time and they live in Peace toghether but in the 8 Century when the Barbarian Slavs "serbs" Comme near Danube they try to Destroyed the Empire Romako Byzantin.
In 9 or 10 Century they Comme in Kosova and they Destroyed Albanian Catholic Church and the Byzantins.
The Best Ex Is Churchs Of Decane in Kosova The Church is Catholic whith Catholic Artitecture and it Whas Build about the Catholics and in the Churchs You have many Albanian Icons and Catholico Byzantins Icons.
Same to the Manastir of Pe

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