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MySay: Made In America

Well LiveLeak, I am thinking of opening, (with the help of some friends), a Made In America store. We will sale every kind of goods we can get our hands on that is made in this GREAT NATION! Doing so will support America's middle class as stated in this video. If it works out like I think it will, we will donate alot of any profits to organizations trying to bring manufacturing back into America where it belongs. Please help make, keep America strong: Buy American! Stay away from places like Walmart that is almost all China goods. Why wear cats and dogs when you can wear American clothes? Why support a communist regime that tortures and murders its own people? When we can help support our own. I know alot of people on here already think I am nuts but I think this will work. And I know it will be good for America, the country I love and would die for. Im interested in your comme

Added: Mar-25-2008 
By: tazzzwannabe2
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