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Rodney Hulin, A 17 Year Old Texas Inmate Committed Suicide

It's a subject most of us would rather not think about. We see it depicted in movies and on cable television shows like "Oz," but few of us can ever imagine it happening to our loved ones or ourselves. Linda Bruntmyer wasn't so lucky. Bruntmyer's then-16-year-old son, Rodney Hulin, was brutally raped while serving a prison sentence for setting a dumpster on fire. But their horror didn't end there.

"Rodney was a small guy, only 5'2" and about 125 pounds. And, as a first-time offender, we knew he might be targeted by older, tougher, adult inmates," Bruntmyer told the audience gathered in the Cannon House Office Building. "Then, our worst nightmares came true," she said. Rodney was brutally assaulted and raped. "But that was only the beginning. Rodney knew if he went back into the general population, he would be in danger. He wrote to the authorities requesting to be moved to a safer pl

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