Police Brutality? Or not?

A man in Delaware was tasered approx 7 - 12 times and brutally kicked in
the head twice. Is this police brutality? Or was he resisting arrest
like the cops mentioned. Up to you to decide. Leave your comments below.
I'm not too sure which side im on. But let me know what you think

This occurred in Rehoboth Beach, DE

victims statement "im the victim of this police brutality that 0ccured
in rehoboth beach on April 7 2013 where i was tazed multiple times while
i was on the ground by officer Robert whitman and kicked in the head
also in on this act of excessive force was officer curtis Sauve and the
police sragent who justifyed their actions and did nothing"

statement "i was visiting rehoboth beach got tazed multiple times on
the ground continously by officer Robert Whitman and kicked in the head
watch closely listen to the dialogue this is police brutality at its
finest. These criminals continue to walk the streets free to abuse
citizens rights and our constitutional rights going thru my pockets to
which i did not consent to among other grevious violations. This video
is Viral please Share and bring police to justice"

And another..
"officer Curtis Sauve and Officer Robert whitman Rehoboth Beach P.D
police brutality. watch how many times they taze me. video is viral
please share"

All these statements are taken from the facebook page he commented on.