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Iranian Experts perfect the anti-ship missile.

Today a test launch of the latest Iranian anti-ship missile was demonstrated to the world press in the form of a deadly salvo of 10 missiles from one launch vehicle. The new missile called 'Al ha abid' meaning 'Glorious tendon of the arm of a war camel' is a completely new and 100% Iranian design, built in Iran by Iranian Experts. The target for today's test was a commercial freighter filled with confiscated illegal contraband. The items all being impounded by the brave Iranian elite customs units, included such evil devices as record players, microwave ovens and gay porn mags. Iranian Experts were on hand to disclose some fascinating details regarding the new weapon. Range of the missile is 'unlimited', this is due to a special fin added by the Iranian experts that reduces air friction to a negative value thus eliminating the need for fuel. To demonstrate this the missiles first flew ar

Added: Aug-6-2008 
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