Israel performs the "Roof Knocking" tactic before destroying target during IAF air strike (Gaza)

(July 12th, 2014) This is a recent video showing the Israeli Air Force performing a "roof knocking" on a building in Gaza, a widely debated tactic since Operation Protective Edge began. Designed to warn innocent civilians (and the terrorists too) to run like hell. Rare to catch on video.

The first two hits are non explosives, meant to serve as a warning, followed up by the main missile at the 1 minute mark. In my opinion, it allows too many Hamas terrorists to get away. It also shows the extremities Israel has gone to, to avoid civilian casualties.

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Roof knocking is the practice of warning inhabitants of a building before it is bombed to give the inhabitants time to flee the attack. The practice has been used by the (IDF) before attacking buildings that they suspect contain weapons. The term "roof knocking" ( הקש בגג or "a knock on the roof" has also been used to describe the IDF practice of firing a non-explosive missile at a roof to get people there to leave.