CCTV captures the moment when a toddler in pram plunge onto Melbourne train tracks

Video has emerged of the moment a two-year-old boy strapped to a pram plunged onto the tracks at a Melbourne train station.

The boy's mother was walking with her pram on the platform at Camberwell
Station on Saturday when she dropped an item on the ground.
As she turned to pick it up, she lost grip of the pram, which rolled off the edge and fell to the tracks.
Several passers-by leapt onto the tracks and lifted the pram back onto
the platform. The mother grabbed her child and climbed to safety. David Phillips was one of the bystanders about to board a train when he saw the pram go over the edge.

“Without hesitation I just jumped into the pit to try to help out, do the best I could,” he told 9NEWS.

“She was distressed. The kid was crying. Quite a few other people were concerned”