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Shackled Women
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Tradition, religion or just plain old prejudice are making the lives of countless women hell. Often seen as the legal or sexual property of men, many third world women are confined to a life of almost incessant childbirth, especially until they bear a son.

Across the Southern Hemisphere abortion is only really available to save life, and the safe version of the pill was until recently illegal even in first world countries like Japan. There temples are dedicated to the spirits of aborted foetuses.

Parvathi's husband killed their second daughter the day she was born. In parts of India female infanticide is so common that a second daughter is known as 'the girl born for the burial pit'. If a girl makes it through childhood she may still not survive marriage if her dowry is seen by her in-laws as too low. Dowries in South Asia have risen steadily over the last 40 years and now amount to ov

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