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Environmentalist Starts Israel’s Worst Ever Fire: Greenpeace Blames Global Warming.

The worst fire in Israel’s history has been the cause of some embarrassment to Greenpeace and other global warming activists when some uncomfortable facts emerged recently.


Late last year Israel’s worst ever forest fire was blazing out of control, destroying homes and releasing untold quantities of Co2 into the atmosphere. Over 5,000 hectares of forest were utterly destroyed, and experts say it will be half a century before the forest gets back to anything like its former state.

Greenpeace lost no time, of course, in pointing the finger squarely at global warming, and issued a press release, demanding Israel abandon construction of a new coal power station, and calling for all comrades to join the “international struggle”:

"Greenpeace wishes to emphasize that this fire is a direct expression of the effects of climate change and global warmi

Added: Jan-16-2011 
Middle East
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