Genius steps into traffic. Entertainment ensues. NSFW language.

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I did brake, and hard, otherwise I would have landed hard at 15-20mph. My stopping distance is limited by the friction on the road, not my recently-serviced brakes.
[Edit: I couldn't go right as there were cars overtaking, and he could have decided to go right at the last second too; I couldn't go left as I would hit the kerb and he could have gone left at the last second too. I braked and maintained a predictable course. Legally (in the UK), this is his fault for forcing me to brake and/or take evasive action. No, I am not the guy from the other recent bike-cam incident.]
It may not be obvious with the narrow field of view, but he shoved my chest with both hands a few times; I made no aggressive movements toward him.
My chain came off but no damage or injury to bike or myself.
My camera is built into a pair of sunglasses and is invisible to other people; even holding the sunglasses in my hand, I see just a tiny depression in the frame. Timestamp is wrong by two hours.



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