Bannon opposed military strike in syria

There’s reports starting to surface detailing what we’ve already expected. Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon vocally opposed the military strikes against Syria.

Bannon apparently argued that they shouldn’t launch strikes based on the fact that they did not advance Trump’s America First agenda. On the other side, Trump’s disgusting (((son in law Jared Kushner))) argued that Bashar Al-Assad needed to be punished for allegedly gassing children. Never mind that there was no hard proof to show that he really ordered said gassings.


Donald Trump’s surprise decision to launch missile strikes against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s forces in response to Tuesday’s horrific chemical attack represented a reversal from Trump’s noninterventionist campaign message. It’s also the most recent sign of the declining power of his chief strategist Stephen Bannon. Two sources close to Bannon told me the former Breitbart executive chairman argued against the strike — not because of its questionable constitutionality, but on the grounds that it doesn’t advance Trump’s America First doctrine. “Steve doesn’t think we belong there,” one Bannon ally told me. Bannon’s position lost out to those inside the White House, including Jared Kushner, who argued Trump needed to punish the Assad regime.


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