CCTV: Man VS Parking Garage Gate

A video from the security camera from the parking garage under Höfðatorg has been published online, where the driver of the car can be seen trying to reverse at full speed into the gate of the parking garage.

Albert Ómar Guðbrandsson is the caretaker for the parking garage. He published the video himself today, but the incident happened more than 3 years ago, as can be seen in the video's timestamp.

"We've been asked countless times to publish the video, and decided to do so now after legal counsel. We were reluctant to publish it sooner, but we felt that this was the kind of video that the public should be allowed to see it.

Albert vividly recalls the night in question. "I get a call while I'm out in the country so I couldn't be there in person. But the police responded along with paramedics. Fortunately no one was injured."

The damages were substantial, as the gate is quite expensive.

"I'd figure the damages came to around 5 million kronur," Albert adds.

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