"Let men be men" awesome bachelor party!

It all started with a bachelor party. They hatched a brilliant idea, they called the biggest TV channel in Norway and presented their case. "TV2" showed up and sent in prime time.

They demonstrated against that men have become too girly and that it is time to show the manly side os us again.

Starting with complaining about how coffee is not tasting coffee.
TV 2 builds out the report by interviewing some typical male occupations, including a police officer, a gym owner and a stage Sound and lighting techniquer.

They finished with some ladies who followed the demonstration outside parliament, who said that it is important that men does not use longer time in the bathroom than women.

They met up outside the Parliament in Oslo. The man who is getting married, got to know that he was going to be interviewed on television just 10 minutes before.
- I got to see "a manifest" that informed me about the setting, so I could answer the questions from TV2.

TV2 deleted the clip from their website later that evening.
- Those who eventually shows the clip in social media, have to deal with us and the Copyright Act. stated TV2.

- Not my idea. I just want to share it with you guys! -

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