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Lanesboro MA USA: Cole Brothers Circus Elephant abuse 6/19/2011

Cole Brothers Circus Elephant abuse 6/19/2011

"This video shows a Cole Brothers circus employee hit an elephant with all his might with a club. He actually hit the elephant twice, the first one you can't see but you can clearly hear the *whack*. The second hit you can see the employee rear back and swing as hard as he can. Friday June 17, 2011. I was driving through the Berkshire Mall parking lot where the Circus was set up. My son spotted some elephants standing near a tent..We stopped the car just to look at the elephants, and just for fun I was shooting some video on my cell phone. Suddenly a worker started shouting at one of the elephants. He ran up to it and started swinging and hitting the elephant really hard. I reported this to PETA. They have filed charges against Cole Brothers in the past and they are investigating this incident. Don't give any of your money to Cole Brothers

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By: dingledd
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