Interview with European Solidarity Front for Syria

Special thanks to Greek Journalist Dimitrios Papageorgiou for the following interview. Just a few weeks ago, activists from around Europe, among them also from Greece, decided to take action supporting Syrian people and Syria’s government for peace, surviving and independence. So, various groups, organizations, websites and people united their actions under the common logo European Solidarity Front for Syria. From that moment on, in every European city, from Norway to Cyprus they have begun action regarding information about Syria, and protests without rest. Posters, public demonstrations with Syrians expatriates and immigrants, open speeches, interviews and other events have put the ESFS on the map. Others demonstrated with flags in public, others use posters and stickers, others distribute flyers, others are organizing open rallies in school. The Front’s actions have moved Syrian society, who now sees Europeans being on their side.

It has to be noted that Front’s actions are transmitted by Syrian and Iranian state television stations. Soon, the Front will start begin action in Latin America too.

We have interviewed Dimitris Tousiadis, one of the Greek activists who are involved in this movement, so we can learn more about what they are doing and why.

European Solidarity Front for Syria... Who are you? From what European countries?

We are young men from many European countries, among them also Greek, who decided to take action supporting Syrian people’s and Syrian government’s fight for peace, survival and freedom. So, various groups, organizations, websites and persons united their actions under the common logo “European Solidarity Front for Syria”, to internationalize this cause. Instead of single movements in only a few countries, all were united for bigger impact. We are the only pro-Syria movement in Europe. We are Syria’s voice in the West. From that time, in every country and every city in Europe, from Norway to Cyprus, we had a series of actions, mobilization and rallies. Posters, public demonstrations with Syrians expatriates and immigrants, open speeches, interviews. People and groups from every corner of Europe, are mobilizing about what is going on in Syria and join our cause. Soon, ESFS will start appearing in Latin America too. We are also preparing an open rally in London.

Do you have any connections with Syrian authorities?

Well yes, but mostly with common people. ESFS’s actions have touched Syrian society, who now see Europeans being so strongly in support of them. They see that they are not on their own. That Europeans are with them and do not forge them. It has to be noted that Front’s actions are transmitted by Syrian and Iranian state television stations.

What made you want to involve in a civil conflict in an Arab country? Why, while Greece and Europe is facing lots of problems on their own, groups of young activists support Syria?

We are connected with brotherhood bonds with Syria. At first we have to make clear that this is not a civil conflict, but an asymmetric war against a country’s integrity. People in Syria are now tested by a common front of mercenaries. They are invaded. Syrians are defending their land and their sovereignty against terrorism and western media’s propaganda. In Syria there lives a lot of Greco-Christians. Mostly Christians are going through an unparalleled ethnic cleansing . Syrian people are fighting against external aggression and for our sake. We are obliged to be their voice in Europe. Not just because tomorrow it could happen to us, but because we believe that solidarity should be our highest value in this world. When our neighbor’s house is on fire we cannot just stand and watch, doing nothing. We must show the same sensitivity, whether it’s about Kosovo, Palestine and of course we would like the same solidarity for Cyprus. We do not face these as other people’s problems. Greece has experienced ethnic cleansing during the 400 years of Turkish occupation and thanks to European solidarity we have internationalized our cause.

Who do you think are behind these events in Syria? Do you categorize Syria' s case in “Arab Spring”?

Yes, although the term “Arab Spring” is kind of ambiguous and it’s has not the same attributes in all Arab countries. It evokes certain feelings to Europeans, but it’s not the same. It is, without doubt, an attempt of Washington’s “hawks” and their allies to overturn Arabic regimes that have remained sovereign. They want to overturn geopolitical balance in the area, and on the other hand to capture those weak economies by establishing puppet regimes. It’ s “divide and rule” politic. In some countries of course there was social injustice, but not in Syria. We, in Syria’s case, defend the people's rights to freedom and independence. Islamic fanaticism that is actually supported by the US Government and their allies... If Assad falls, then a State which protects minorities and respects tolerance and religious freedom will fall. Sharia and violence will rule, with women and non Muslims being the first and biggest victims. Just as has happened in Libya and Egypt.

Among Syrian “rebels” there are fundamentalist Islamists, who are trained by the American army, that at the same time is at war with Islamists. What do you think about this collaboration?

Fundamentalist Islamists, who a few years ago were called “terrorists” by western media, now are called “fighters for democracy” and are given stockpiles of weaponry, technical help, training, guidance, and international recognition. Because US and their allies are weak and do not wish to engage in a new series of wars directly, they are using fundamentalist Islamists to overthrow regimes they don’t like. Then, political interference will follow. The biggest weapon in this asymmetric war are western Media. Europeans are inactive, because they are victims of misinformation and propaganda. Also, we must note that if Syria becomes an Islamic regime, then Iran will be next. In this case, Iran, a Shia Islamic country, will be surrounded by Sunni Islamic countries. Noting that Islamic world now lives their own medieval ages, an civil religious war has to be expected, sooner or later. Western Allies will try to trigger it against Iran, or in an invasion against it they will keep other countries, at least neutralized.

How do you judge Greek State’s stance, in this case?

As always, subdued in imperialist’s orders. That which is most horrific is the betrayal of a friend and allied country, and abandoning the local Greek population. Greece has to support peace and stability in Mediterranean. It’s for her own sake. Already it ‘s experiencing the consequences and the future brings more.

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