Fight between Police and fans at soccer game in Colombia

Once Caldas Vs Quindio

For about 5 minutes, members of fans and police officers staged an intense fight, which apparently began with an argument between two fans of the holligans.
Councilman, Council President and leader of the Manizales fans, Juan Sebastian Gomez said after the game it all started because two fans began to argue, apparently, that there had been shoving in the crowd.

"Between the Police and the fansthere are protocols that indicate when a problem arises within the group are the leaders who are involved first," Gomez said. "In this case the police were met and fell even though the leaders of that industry had already addressed the situation. A policeman pulled a rod and the boys responded. "He said he saw the Red Cross responded to five fans who were wounded.

The police report is four-injured-fans, who attended in the stadium and two that stopped temporarily. In addition there were three soldiers who were injured with minor bruises, whom moved to the Police Clinic in the Sultana.