Calais, France: The man who brandished a gun explains "I defended myself"

amid the tension, an altercation between some residents and protester...
projectiles, insults, one of the residents brandishing a rifle.
This man we found him today, he recognizes be hostile to the presence of migrants
and feel be threatened yesterday.

tires they throw me! I do not know it or have them back?
and after that there were still rocks, red brick!

he and his father that can also be seen in video, here in blue,
says the rifle shoots marbles, not real bullets,
the weapon was seized by police.

brandish a rifle, same a fake, is it not irresponsible?

no! we were in danger! my kids were in danger!
so it's quite normal that you react like that!

don't you think it's time things calm down ?

no!! they must go! they must go!