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"My Say" on Climate Change
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I did this vid so I could find out if anyone else around the world, has noticed their weather change over the last few years???

Effects of Climate Change Are Rampant Throughout the World, Say World's Scientists
Since 2002 this website has born witness to ongoing changes on Planet Earth caused by global warming. The photo essays and reports shown above and within, have just been given background in comprehensive and authoritative detail by the world's climate scientists.

A huge change is underway across the globe and in its atmosphere, they report, that is affecting not only nature, but the lives and homes of millions of people. Changes can be measured from the highest mountains to deep in the oceans and are leading to extinction for parts of earth's rich biodiversity. For humans, the changes in climate are particularly dangerous to people who live near the ocean shore and who a

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By: smeblee
Your Say
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