Sgt Derrick Miller Gets Life in Leavenworth for Killing Afghan Insurgent

Army National Guardsman, Sergeant Derrick Miller was sentenced to life in prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas with the chance of parole by the United States Military. His actions saved his unit but instead of receiving a medal or a thank-you, he became a political prisoner in his own country.

By those who know and love Derrick, he is known for his kind and gentle spirit. He is a hard working, dedicated father of 2 who would do anything in the world for his family. Karina is the oldest – she’s the baby in the picture – and she turned 8 in June, 2014. Her little sister Kaitlyn turned 5 in February. The conviction came down in August 2011. That would put Karina at age 5, and Kaitlyn at age 2. As you can see, he has missed out on so much of their lives due to the corruption within our military and government.

In September 2010, Sgt. Derrick Miller took part of a combat mission in a hostile area of Afghanistan. An Afghan national who had penetrated the defense perimeter that had been set up by the US Army, was brought to Sgt. Miller’s attention by one of the soldiers under his command. This soldier recognized the man from a security checkpoint one day prior. He positively identified him as the driver of a truck that Derrick’s security detachment had searched, and was transporting armed combatants – members of the opposition – to a nearby combat firefight. Derrick’s men were instructed to let the vehicle pass because of instructions handed down by his superiors in command at the time.

The Afghan man appeared to be gathering information, thus portraying suspicious behavior, ultimately leading to Sgt. Miller being sent to question him. Since he was already confirmed to be an enemy combatant, Sgt. Miller was acting instinctively to protect his unit.

The questioning took place in an open area with another soldier and an Afghan interpreter present. During questioning, Sgt. Miller asked the man why he was within the perimeter. As the man began to speak, his story changed, not once, but twice. He originally claimed to be there to fix a power line that was supposedly down, he later claimed he was there to fix a water pump. What I find odd is that were he there to fix a downed power line and/or a water pump, he was going to have a very hard time doing that with no tools or means for doing the repairs. Originally he was seen accompanied by two men, whom he claimed to be his sons and helpers. However, both of these men left the perimeter without performing any work, and going separate directions to their village. Were they brothers, wouldn’t they be going in the same direction, to the same village? These men were not present during Sgt. Miller’s questioning. While questioning the insurgent things began to get heated. The Afghan insurgent attempted to grab Sgt. Miller’s weapon, ultimately leading to him being shot and killed in the struggle.

Sgt. Miller’s unit was attacked on three sides by Afghan insurgents within 45 minutes of the questioning and death of the Afghan insurgent. In order for them to have attacked in the manner in which they did, someone would’ve had to have reconnoitered their position very closely, soldiers testified during Sgt. Miller’s trial. There is no doubt that the Afghan insurgent had been doing just that. The incident that happened between Sgt. Miller and this man, had forced their entire unit into full alert/100% security, which ultimately had prepared them for the attack just 45 minutes later. This was also testified during Sgt. Miller’s trial. No American lives were lost that day due to Sgt. Miller’s actions which had forced them into the level of preparation that they were in prior to be attacked.

What’s even more crazy is that during the day that all of these events took place, those two men who had originally claimed to be the Afghan mans sons, were both sent back to the village via different routes. They were later believed to have been carrying back detailed information to the insurgents with details as to how to most effectively attack. They had been inside the perimeter for hours, thus giving them ample time to scope things out and pass that information on to the powers that be. All of the details of what took place that day, and within those few hours, were all confirmed and testified by the Afghan interpreter.

“Sgt. Miller believes, despite his conviction and sentence of life in prison for the murder of this Afghan insurgent, that he was acting solely in self-defense and with sound judgment.”

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