My Roommate is a Filthy Slob Pig

She is a Seething Filthy SLOB of a PIG

I am currently renting a room from a person and she is a FILTHY SEETHING SLOB of a PIG....This person I rented from is beyond a slob, they're a seething filthy pig, that likes to live in total filth and squalor. They never clean anything and I mean NEVER, her dogs poop all over the place, cats pee and poop all over the place too and lets the cat and dog pee it dry on the floors to boot.



Tags: pig, slob, filthy bitch, gross,roommate,lives in filthy and squalor, loves dogs shit and piss, she smells like cat urine, white trash, psych, nutjob, moving out before it kills me

Location: United States