Unusual Apollo Rocket Footage

Here's hoping that like myself, you have never seen any of this footage before.

These are engineering films from the Apollo program, and show stuff like the insides of liquid oxygen and hydrogen fuel tanks during launch. Bunch of other views too, some pretty Kubrick-like. Last shot shows how they got the camera back. About a dozen film clips here, released in the last year or so online.

This mashup of mine to entertain, not educate, but here's some details of the source material -

Saturn S-1C test 1965
Apollo LES test 1965
Saturn I interior inflight
Saturn I SA-1 1961
SA-6 LOX tank interior inflight 1964
AS-203 LH2 tank interior inflight 1966
SA-6 staging onboard 1964
Saturn V 1st stage jettison dual-view
Saturn I engineering camera ejection

Music used with express permission.