Cyclist almost killed by falling tree during storm.

He got lucky. only got injured. A woman (tourist) was killed in this same street

News item:
Amsterdam’s fire brigade recommended people stay indoors after one
woman died and another person was injured when a tree blew down on the
city’s central Herengracht.

Reports that a second person had
been killed when a tree hit his car were later retracted. The driver has
been taken to hospital and is seriously injured.
One person was also hospitalised in The Hague, after being hit by a falling branch, news agency ANP said.

Amsterdam’s Vondelpark was closed because of the risk of falling
trees and branches. People in Groningen were also advised to remain
The strongest winds – 151 kph - were recorded on the Wadden Sea
island of Vlieland. Inland there were strong gusts of over 100 kph,
weather bureaux said.
Train services to and from Amsterdam have been disrupted because of
storm damage and the city's tram services have also been shut down.
Elsewhere, Dutch Rail (NS) is running reduced services. There are no
trains between Delft and Schiedam because of trees on the line.
A DFDS ferry from Newcastle carrying 1,080 people has been unable to
moor safely in IJmuiden port because of the strong winds, RTL news
reported. The ship has now returned to open water to wait for the wind
to die down.

Airline KLM earlier cancelled 42 flights to other European
destinations but expects other cancellations to follow in the early
Only Schiphol’s Oostbaan runway is open because of
the wind direction and flights are being disrupted, the airport
authority said.
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