Justice Elena Kagan, and President Larry Summers

This apparent Obama nominee is unusual. She's never been a prosecutor or attorney general, or defense attorney or Legal Aid litigator or sitting judge. In fact, she's never been a lawyer in a trial....never. Until her appointment as Solicitor General last year, she hadn't argued before a court; so her very first, maiden argument, was before the United States Supreme Court last year!

Kagan's connections to Summers are interesting. She was a professor there when Summers arrived from his work at Treasury, under Bill Clinton, to deregulate banks and derivatives to get the gambling moving...guaranteed by the taxpayer. As President Summers of Harvard from 2001 to 2006, Kagan thrived. She was made a full professor, then Summers tapped her to be the Dean of Harvard Law. Her pet peeve there was to keep the American military and ROTC off campus because she disputes the "don't ask, don't tell" provisions put in place by Clinton. In 2008, Kagan got money as an advisor to Goldman Sachs global investment house. Meanwhile, she made Cass Sunstein, who is now an advisor to Obama too, a full professor at Harvard. He has suggested the concept of marriage be discontinued. He also has argued that dogs and cats should have "standing" to sue in court.

Meanwhile, Summers had worked in 2006-2008 for a derivatives firm, D.E. Shaw and was paid some five million dollars. Summers actually testified that the lack of supervisory laws on Wall Street. that he permitted, was outrageous ...Then, he went back to "public service" as the chief financial advisor to Obama. He dodged Senate review with this appointive position. With Summers in the White House, Kagen became Solititor General to give her some experience in actual law. Meanwhile, Summers remains a professor at Harvard, too. All in all, our "ruling elites" continue to present bizarre manipulations as they exchange positions and promote one another. It's a cozy, exclusive club that's also shadowy. Worse, these jokers have the fate of our world in their shaky hands.

By Golumba
May 10, 2010, 8:48AM