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Ollie on FARC Colombian Narco-Terrorists

Last night on Hannity, Ollie North was on to discuss his upcoming special about the Colombian FARC narco-terrorists, and the brutality of that group. Included in this preview was the release of American hostages Keith Stansell, Marc Gonsalves and Tom Howes. They spent 1,967 days in the jungle as prisoners, and Howes specifically calls FARC leader Cesar an "animal" for what he did to all of the hostages.

The guys all wrote a book chronicling their ordeal called "Out of Captivity" after being released from 5-1/2 years in captivity. Recommended reading for any Che-loving lefties who think despots are so cooool. I vote we send some of our Hollywood elites to Colombia on a "camping trip." What say you?

By the way the DEA assisted in the rescue of the three Americans, as well as the arrest of Cesar the FARC rebel-group leader. He's going to be going away for a long time in a U.S. feder

Added: Aug-21-2009 
By: MsUnderestimated
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