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The Truth Is Out on CIA and Torture

by: Milt Bearden, The Washington Independent

Spy agency continues to carry out White House policy.

The Truth Is Out
Over the last several months, there has been a gradual, but unrelenting, outing of the highest level U.S. government involvement in the sordid business of torture. CIA Director Michael V. Hayden admitted, in his February testimony before Congress, that the Central Intelligence Agency used a technique known as waterboarding on three high-profile Al Qaeda detainees.
He also said the CIA had not used the technique in five years - though the administration seems to be asserting that the agency can use it, when necessary.

President George W. Bush told ABC News in April, "I'm aware our national-security team met on this issue. And I approved." The president was referring to reports that the National Security Council's "principals committee" - the vice presi


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