Taiwan's big time restaurant resells leftover dishes to Mainland tourists

Over 10,000 tourists have consumed such dishes here in the restaurant. Eating out is not safe, especially when you are a tourist.

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BEIJING, Jan. 9 - Taiwan's well-known to the reception of the mainland tour groups Taimali Hebe Haven restaurant yesterday former employees broke the news refers to recycling leftovers and then the group of mainland tourists to the platter transferred to food, it is estimated that The Yu Wan eating recycled dishes recent months. Part of mainland tourists informed, refer to "nausea! Too bad!"

According to Taiwan's "United Daily News" reported last year, the Kaohsiung Daniel beef noodles, but also the leftover food to re-sell, hit store image, and later shut shop. With investigation the Taitung County Health Bureau, according to the recorded photographic Hebe Haven restaurant owners once denied, but the evening immediately admitted were true.

"This is the personal behavior of the manager, deputy general manager of Pak Sha Wan Lin Shuyun said manager Lu Hao Wen, in order to save costs, private requirements approved before recovery dishes and then transferred to the next batch of guests food. "Company executives are unaware of," Lu departure has made to apologize to the community.

Health Bureau, said the industry has deadlines to improve if you do not improve, that is punishable under the Act Governing Food Sanitation "NT 60000-6000000 yuan fine.

Hebe Haven Restaurant in Taimali business for nearly 10 years, is a local well-known restaurant, and is located in the south back to the side of the road, more than mainland tourists group, the island's visitors, the surrounding public institutions, schools are often in the restaurant dinner.

A Hebe Haven former employees broke the news, restaurant guests to eat the rest of the dried radish, salted fish, pork, chicken and other dishes recovery, re platter, a chance to eat the next batch of mainland tour groups. The whistleblowers also offers a 14-minute cell phone video movie, saw the pickled radish recovery from the outfield, then are put into four iron plate, re-packing to the other dishes still brought out a dipping sauce.

Taiwan media reporters last night, field observations, just one hour meal time, 10 tour buses parked in Pak Sha Wan restaurant before, in order to estimate the past few months, we have tens of thousands of mainland Taiwanese tourists to eat into other people's saliva .

"Disgusting this way, I eat someone else's saliva?" From Shanxi, Henan, Jiangsu, mainland tourists refer to "exaggerated" and said, "Fortunately, we did not in the house dining" glad to.

Fang from Shanxi, travel to Taiwan hurry dining meals chilled, can be understood, but not our understanding eating cold food industry with recycled food to the guests to eat, too far off the mark. "

Several banquet in Pak Sha Wan the taimali mayor Chengzheng Jun said "should not", the restaurant should really improve, to redeem his reputation, "I do not have the heart to restaurant closure of unemployed villagers."