Iraq - "Camp Ashraf" - Iranian rebels protest deportation (Jun.2004)

"Under Saddam Hussein, Iranian rebels received help and funding to wage war on the mullahs. But the new government has pledged to repatriate them, where they face execution.

Camp Ashraf, Iraq, is home to 4,000 Iranian exiles. With Saddam's support, they formed a militia, the People's Mujaheddin, to overthrow the mullahs in Iran. But with Saddam now gone, they face an uncertain future. The new Iraqi government has pledged to repatriate them as soon as they gain sovereignty. But that's a prospect that's worrying many. "If they return to Iran, they're going to be executed straight away," fears Iranian exile Mohammed Sadeghpour. Lawyer Bruce Henry is adamant that deporting the camp's residents would violate international law. But even he knows their safety is not guaranteed admits he "would be very nervous if I was sitting in Camp Ashraf today."" journeymanpictures
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