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US clueless about Egypt? WTF is going on, now we question the MB ambitions?

When is this bullshit going to end, when will Americans wake up to the enemy within who hides behind calls for Social Justice. From our President to our Homeland Security, we are being lead to slaughter for an ideal that enslaves though collectivism.

Senate hearing turns into farce as American ignorance on Egypt situation revealed; specific agenda of Muslim Brotherhood unclear, top official says, has trouble responding to question on group’s attitude to peace with Israel

WASHINTON – A senate hearing Wednesday revealed that top US intelligence agencies are largely ignorant about the current situation in Egypt and unfamiliar with the agenda of the country’s radical Islamists.

"It's hard to at this point to point to a specific agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood as a group," National Intelligence Director James Clapper told senators. When asked about the group’s attitude to E


Added: Feb-16-2011 
By: singlelife
Iran, Middle East
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