There Is Only One Candidate Who Is Electable Now

Like many people, I used to be undecided about the current presidential race.

Not a single candidate in this year's election cycle has a clean record, not a single one has owned up to his campaign rhetoric throughout their career. Ok, Bernie Sanders comes closest, but he is not electable based on the fact that he is trying to turn the US into a practically socialist nation, quite close to what Russia is except with a soft leader at the top. It would be a dream come true for China and Russia, and a nightmare for white Europeans.

Hence white people have been flocking to Trump since the beginning. His appeal has also attracted many people of other ethnic backgrounds, despite his comments against illegal immigration.

But wait a second, there is a reason it is called 'illegal' immigration. It means that kind of immigration is not legal. It gives a bad name to people who legally enter the country because Americans automatically assume that legal immigrants may also be illegals, so long as they are not white or have strange accents or strange names or smell funny.

So after all is said and done we are really left with only one choice: Donald Trump.

He is crazy, he is insane in the way he talks, but he has a big heart. He is the most American out of all the candidates. He loves the police and he wants to bring order to the country. He represents the American Dream, the possibility that everybody can become somebody in America. This means that, while there is racism, he represents that ideal which allows people of weaker disposition to rise despite such obstacles.

At this point, as sad as it may seem to many, there is no other candidate who is electable. It will depend on Trump to carry out his post as the new POTUS in as ethical and professional manner as possible. I am sure he is capable of that. He is the only relatively independent candidate out there. He truly is the only candidate of them all who would be capable of making America a greater place than it currently is again.

Let's also not forget, Trump would perhaps be the first blonde person to ever lead a modern first world country in recent history. While people want Hillary, the first woman, or Bernie Sanders, the first Jew, or even Ted Cruz, the first Hispanic to rule the country, Trump too is unique in that way.

Give him a chance. And if he does mess up, there is always the possibility of the CIA assassinating him just like they took out Kennedy, right!?


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