Houston Police Officer Tasers Dad Holding Baby.

A 30-year-old man is claiming his daughter has been seriously injured following an incident at a hospital in Houston in the US state of Texas.

A confrontation captured on videotape shows a hospital security guard firing a stun gun to stop a defiant father from taking home his newborn baby, causing both man and child to fall to the floor.

Now the father is claiming the baby girl suffered head injuries because she was dropped.

AdvertisementLast April, William Lewis said he and his wife felt mistreated by staff at the Woman's Hospital of Texas, so they decided to leave.

Hospital employees told Mr Lewis that doctors would not permit him to leave, but he picked up the baby and walked to the elevators. However wristband sensors on the baby caused the elevators to shut down.

Two security guards are shown on the surveillance video arriving at the elevators and trying to talk to Mr Lewis, who appeared agitated.

One of the guards then fires a stun gun at Mr Lewis, who falls to the ground still holding his daughter.

The second guard picks up the baby and gives her to the child's mother, who was standing nearby in a hospital gown.

Houston Police Department spokesman said the department did not investigate the security guard's role in the incident, but declined further comment.

Mr Lewis, who gave the video to The Associated Press, said his daughter landed on her head, although this cannot be seen on the video.

Mr Lewis said he feared his daughter was seriously injured in the incident , however doctors have since performed several MRIs on the child, showing no ill effects form the incident.

US Child Protective Services now has custody of the baby because of a history of domestic violence between Mr Lewis and his wife, Jacqueline Gray.