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United in Hate: The Left and Militant Islam - Jamie Glazov

Jamie Glazov connects the dots between the totalitarian massacres of the
20th century, murder in the name of Islam and the mutual attraction
between the radical left and radical islamists.
Both the radical and the reactionary hate the present.

Intellectuals and
celebrities venerated monsters like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, & Ho
Chi Minh.
The New Left of the 1960s didn't have a change of heart, just
a change of icons from Stalin to third world tyrants.
The homicidal and
sadistic Che Guevara is still held up as a hero.
After the communist victory and resultant slaughter in Vietnam, few of
Hanoi's western supporters expressed shock or regret. These true
believers do not care about the victims who are merely eggs to be broken
in order to create the perfect utopian omelet.
The l

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