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Helping Syrian rebels wouldn’t benefit US / EU suspends arms deliveries to Egypt


The EU has restricted military aid to Egypt and condemned the violence in the county but has left other aid untouched. The US has yet to make a decision on the aid issue. Egypt has said the EU’s decision will only play into the hands of extremists.

Catherine Ashton the EU‘s foreign policy chief said on Wednesday that the EU is calling on all sides in Egypt to go back to the negotiating table.

"We strongly condemn all acts of violence and we do believe the recent actions of the military have been
disproportionate," Ashton told a news conference at the close of a four-hour meeting between the inisters.

"We will review assistance to Egypt but assistance to the most needy will remain, all member states feel very strongly they want to continue to support the people of Egypt," she added.

She said all 28 EU member states a

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