Project is launched on the rebuilding of destroyed city of Aleppo

The destruction wrought on the Syrian city of Aleppo appears complete. Video images show destroyed building after destroyed building. How could anything rise again from the fires of war? But a group of architects – some Syrian – along with other experts are begining to think the unthinkable.

What’s been named The Aleppo Project is based at the Central European University in Budapest. As Alhakam Shaar explained he and his colleagues are asking via the web how should the city be rebuilt?.

“The purpose is to engage now with Aleppians so they should be the focus of our work, those are the ones whose opinions matter and need to get there so we hope to incorporate these.”

It’s hard to believe that anyone should want to return but according to a German survey most Syrian refugees would like to go back to their homeland one day. And its that thinking about the future which The Aleppo Project is all about.