UK : Woman jumps in middle of attacking dogs to save little fox

Video credit: Judy Gilbert (Zinfandelorganic)

Fox Hunting is with dogs illegal in the UK but still takes place. ( Dogs rip apart the animals for sport.

A young vixen owes her life to the quick thinking and courage of a hunt
monitor from who literally dived in and grabbed her from amongst the hounds
that were just about to maul her to death..
The young woman was
out monitoring the Old Berks Fox Hounds who met at Elmwood House, Black
Bourton in Oxfordshire. Not long after the hunt moved off , the
Huntsman sent the hound pack into woodland and thick undergrowth.
The hounds found the fox in scrub next to large slurry tanks on the edge of a farm.
for the fox, her "guardian angel" was only feet away. With no thought
for her own safety, the monitor shouted at the hounds as they closed in
on the fox, and running forward, was able to snatch the terrified
animal. She then scooped her up, away from amongst the hounds, which
would in moments have undoubtedly torn the young animal to pieces. The
fox had already been bowled over onto her back, leaving her stomach