Burglar falls through roof, climbs back up empty handed

Police in Springfield hope the public can help identify the criminal who literally dropped in
The burglary happened late Sunday night and the store’s surveillance camera caught the burglar’s precipitous entry — Through the ceiling and onto the tile floor.
The unidentified, after-hours customer apparently found a way in through the roof, according to the Springfield police report.
After falling through the ceiling and landing inside the store, the burglar can be seen in the video immediately trying to climb back up to the hole he fell through.
Aside from the cleanup and necessary repairs to the building, the store owner found nothing missing, according to the report.
Police said the burglar looks to be in his late 30s. He was wearing a black baseball hat, dark blue short-sleeve shirt, blue jeans and light brown leather work boots.
If you can identify the burglar, call Springfield police at (937) 324-7680.