Minoan bull jumping

Minoan bull jumping is fascinating under many aspects: it requires good athletics and especially a lot of courage, so much courage that those who tried the jump in the past should be considered heros and those who managed to perform it completely, should be thought of as somehow divine athletes.Minoan bull jumping is a pacific activity, as you do not kill the bull: you rather use its horns to jump over it and then turn around.There is no opponent to fight and there are no weapons, still whoever jumps the bull is a hero: can you tell the difference between our society and that of ancient minoans? what is the secret of that civilization, that found durable peace in a small island considered to be the whole world?We should observe that in our western civilization, one of the commonly predominant messages to the people, unfortunately carried out by some very popular sports as well, is the violent and antisocial message of success at all price.Ancient Minoan bull jumping, instead, carries a non-violent message, socially cohesive and very important from an educational perspective.