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Sacred Economics: Chapter 17, Summary and Roadmap: Charles Eisenstein

This book, printed under creative commons license, is a gift to all. You can find the full text online, or, purchase. Feel free to share with others.

Castaway your notions of capitalist/socialist ideals because as the 'age of separation' we are a product of draws to a close, we will all find the obvious solutions to our converging crises need not be categorized. The answers 'academics', 'professionals' and 'elites' have proposed, only add to our problems, delaying the inevitable. Bloodshed has already transpired..this will not entail a bloody revolution. As implied by the lack of (clear) demands from -sincere- OWS protesters, we are only a shift in perception away from creating a more beautiful world, at no cost to each other.

'A transformation from profanity to sacredness in money- something so deep a part of our identity, something so central to the workings of the world- would have profound effects indeed.'


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