Spiralling 'Unidentified Flying Object' Crosses Middle East Night Sky- June 7th 2012

Glowing in the night sky, a spiralling phenomenon twists from country to country and was reported by some falling down in southern Jordan, having been spotted in at least Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Occupied Palestinian Territories.

It has been filmed in many of these places but probably the most hilarious is Syria, where the 'Free Syrian Army'/Al-Qaeda thought they were under a chemical attack. The link to the post is www.liveleak.com/view?i=516_1339161871 Al-Qaeda In Syria Reports Chemical Attack By Bashar Al-Assad After Witnessing UFO In Sky

(The Al-Qaeda post is marked 'repost' but it is not. These videos have come from all over these countries and all look very similar).

The event is believed to be due to a Russian ballistic missile test: www.liveleak.com/view?i=a4d_1339149495 Topol-M (RS-12M) ICBM launch 6-7-2012

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